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Brown Discharge .... Could I Be Pregnant ????

Hi guys, just after some advise, after my last period I started to take the pill, but two weeks later I felt a pain in my left side around my ovaries ..... I went to the doctors, did a pregnancy test .... It was negative, did an internal and did a urine test for possible urinary track infection and came back negative again. I asked the doctor could the pain be from ovulation and she laughed at me cause you dont ovulate if your on the pill... Hmmmm but I was on it only two weeks ????? Confused yet ????
I got my period a week or two later but not like normal, very light, and hardly any pain..... I went away on holidays with my husband. My breast were really sore and tender for a couple of days and I have had for the last 7 or days like a brownish discharge .... Like a lady here described looks like prune juice in colour, it has stoped as of yesterday,
i also had like faint pains in my abdomen like when you get your period.
This has never happened to me before ever.
I took a home pregnancy test yesterday but it come out negative ? How long should I wait till I have another one.????
Could I be pregnant ?????
I am booked in to see the doctor on tuesday.
Does this sound normal, I am a little worried ..... Question
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