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Spiritual Remedies to Schizophrenia

I was wondering if going to a Buddhist retreat or ashram for a few months and living like a Buddhist monk would remedy schizophrenia at all. Almost 100% of the things the voices in my head say to me are directly related to my way of life and the way id been treating my body.
I know for a fact if I was to stay on a Buddhist retreat a few months and adopt the Buddhist lifestyle the voices would have absolutely nothing on me.

The voices are my own mind and torment me about things Im doing wrong to myself and dont respect about myself.

Anyone here ever tried this approach?
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replied April 12th, 2007
Hello BigDaddyPrimetime

That is what i reccomend to most people that come down my path, taking time out from this stressful world can do wonders.... as for killing the voices, iam not one to say if it would or if it wouldnt.... but if you do end up doing it... you can atleast argue and explain to them that you are taking care of your self......

within ashrams, you can ask for a mantra which will uinite your selves into one whole being, as those who hear different levels of their I'ness.
The ganapathi mantra can work with this.,...

eat right, excersise, prepare your archtype dreaming self into being that which can command all, step back and see your life in new shades of light.
You could be experiances that which rebels when you hit the end of the neru net....

When ever I being the boiling pot that is about to steam in full blast, i learnt that my perceptions of reality change and life becomes seen in a whole new light which i thank god for my episodes....
as i expand my mind to the possibilities, as i shall experiance....

as for you voice you hear, what type are they? are they male or female?
are they loud or soft most of the time? what are they trying to say to you?
Is it your subconccious? Or is it just random unflitered noise which enter your head?

best of luck...
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replied April 12th, 2007
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You may also find benefit in qi gong, which I believe I mentioned before. One thing about the buddhist retreat, is keep in mind it's like zero stress, which likely plays into the feeling of better health.
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replied April 13th, 2007
V1RUS the voices I hear are all male with Canadian accents. The 1 voice I hear 95% of the time sounds exactly like my dad. Most likely because the first speed induced psychotic episode I ever had was after buying speed off one of my dads friends and the same night I let my old man do a bit of hypnosis on me where he said "you will open up to ALL language". Since hes also an occultist I somehow got the idea in my head after a few nights up on speed that my dad made a telepathic connection with me and was communicating through it. I found out later that speed was laced with PCP.

Also theyre without a doubt 100% internal voices. Its more like my own thoughts and internal noise gets morphed into voices. Its like im expecting these voices to be there and say bad things so anything I dont hear clearly tends to morph into them. If I let my mind go blank without any noise or thoughts theres no voices. That comes as a relief to me. Thats why listening to music or watching TV doesnt get rid of them it has the opposite effect. Things I hear morphs into internal voices.

The voice I hear nearly always tries to put me down and insult me in any way possible and threatens to kill me and tries to convince me im going to die or catch a disease and things like that. After dealing with it a few times Ive learned how to deal with it. Now I dont give two flying !**@! what it says to me and nothing it ever says can bother me. It provokes me to deal with my worst fears by acting like a demon and telling me its possessing me and the likes. Its strange because it never refers to itself as "I" it always says "we". Says "were" coming to kill you tonight. "We" think your gonna die. Sometimes I hear it talking to someone else saying things like "He just doesnt give a !**@!", "Hes not scared we need another reason to tell him were coming to kill him, how about money?" implying theyre trying to convince me theyre coming to kill me to rob my house. Also if theres more than one voice they sound identical and I cant distinguish between them. The only other voices I hear the odd time are that of friends or family and theyre benign telling me things like "dont even listen to them, theyre not people".

Unlike most people on this forum I can remember hundreds of details of past experiences. I wrote down alot of what the voices said too. Theres so many weird details its highly interesting crap. One night I kept hearing a voice saying "gall bladder infection" I only realized weeks later I had a sheet of paper on my floor that was talking about a gall bladder infection. Id read it months before. The voices nearly always try to convince me that theyre physically breaking into my house for some reason. They say things like "you left your bathroom window open, you dont believe me? Theres menthident dental floss, and a green toothbrush on the windowsill". Alot of the time when I go into the bathroom theres no dental floss there but there could have been because there usually is.

The parts that scare the crap is the way the voices are so accurate with times and dates. I didnt even know it was April fools day until the voice tells me. The voice would say "youve 13 minutes left" and I realize its 13 minutes before 3:33. Id walk into the kitchen and the voice says "look at the clock now" and I realize its exactly 3:00. Its always at the very end of it before I end up going to sleep that the voices get the better of me. Most likely because im dreaming while awake. The voices seem to get really smart probably because im actually starting to dream and my mind splits.

Almost always because of what the voices are saying to me Ive gone through a huge variety of delusions from demons in my head to alien implants in my forehead to my brain burning and other mad crap like that. Ive only had about 3 full blown paranoid delusional trips in my life but I could nearly write a book on them they were so crazy.
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replied April 13th, 2007
Ive interrogated these voices loads of times but have gotten very little information from them. Only two names I ever hear are Lucifer and Toltan. Ive asked them what they want loads of times but never get a straight answer.

I asked them once or twice who they were and once it said "were merdurers(stupid admins set the forum to edit out all these words) that live across the road". I found that odd because I live across the road from a church. I heard a voice say once "I live in Tennessee"

The last delusional trip I had the whole night they were calling me a heathen, a terrorist, a rebel, a villain, a hero, and a demon. They also kept saying a few words I didnt know the definitions of frivolous, serendepity, direlect, veneration, sermon, and dictronomony (that ones not even a word).

I asked them why they were messing with me and they said "your the chosen one, this is a spiritual trial". About the least negative things theyve said to me were things like "your hardcore, your a rebel, your a born leader, your a hero, your the chosen one, god bless you". They say some twisted things but they could be alot eviler. The worst things they say are like "we`ll send flowers to your mother when she comes home and finds you dead". They really seem more like teachers than voices that are out to get me.
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