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Prescription Question And Vomiting

I have biliary colic that has been progressively getting worse, even after surgery. I've been on meds for a while now and continue to have one issue; my symptoms are not only pain, but horrible nausea and vomiting that's getting worse each day. I've been on 10mg/325 Norco for about a year and I'm wasting away my scripts. My doctor also finds it concerning, but I explain he can test my levels and I'm taking only the prescribed amount and occasionally less. My problem is that typically when my pain starts I take a pill and if I'm lucky it stays down. I would say 25-30% of the time I throw up the pill. When this happens I'm afraid to take another, bc I do not know how much, if any, of the med has already been absorbed. I will go through torture until at least 3 hrs passes and then try again. I've tried phenergen and it knocks me out to the point I cannot function, especially the suppositories. He also had me try compazine, but it doesn't help and after researching side effects, etc. it scared the crap out of me, given it's an anti-psychotic! I do not like psychiatric meds, as I was enslaved by an SSRI for about 10 years and went through 4 years of hell trying to stop.

Two questions: when the attack starts is it safe to just suck on the norco or must it be processed in the gut whole? It is NOT time released. The funny thing is I can take the anti-nausea meds sublingual w/out vomiting, so I think it is the process of my GI system having to break it down, even water! I've tried crushing it, but it still causes an upset stomach and vomiting.

I am leery of any stronger meds, as I was on oxycodone and methadone at one point and I prefer to take as minimal as possible. However, I'm wasting at least 20 pills a month in the, I do not have it in me to dig through the vomit to find the remaining pills. I flush and move on.

I asked on another site once, but it was suggested to snort it and that's also not my cuppa tea. I just wouldn't feel right and I would just feel icky doing it....not too mention the damage then to my nose and it would still have to be swallowed after traveling through the nasal passages.

Any help would be appreciated, bc I do not want my doctor thinking I'm 'drug seeking' for more, even though it was at MY REQUEST to me taken off of the more potent drugs. I think this is the only thing that gives me any credit w/ with him.

Anyone else suck on their pills or are there sublingual HC on the market I can ask him to script? Again, liquid will be of no help, since I throw-up even the water I try to drink.

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replied April 25th, 2007
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Please see info posted in bile duct disorders-supporter introduction. The medication you are using actually induces spasm of the bile duct. Vicodin, morhpine, demerol, and percocet have all been known to cause this problem. In addition, they cause the patient to experience nausea. There are medications you can use for nausea, such as Phenergan, Compazine, and Scopalamine patches. I would reccommend you ask for a referral to a pain management physician for this problem. It does not sound like it os being effectively managed. Pain medications which do NOT cause biliary colic are Fentanyl, (Fentora or Actiq are dissolved in the mouth) and Dilaudid. However, I know most physicians raise their eyebrows when you ask for such medications. Possibly providing some documentation might help your cause. Alternatively, you could seek a gastroenterologist who specializes in liver disorders to help you.

About the sucking on pain meds-I don't reccommend this. it can cause oral and gum problems, and can further the stomach discomfort caused by taking these medications. Many are enterically coated which means they don't really break down until they get past your stomach. By sucking on them you could be hastening their breakdown and thus causing further irritation to the lining of the stomach. You could also ask for a suppository, if you are too nauseated to swallow a pill.

Best of luck to you with this difficult problem.
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