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Hi I have a question..
I twisted my knee approx 8 months ago, it was mildly painful (not enough for constant painkillers).And was not able to kneel down properly as it felt like a resistance was there, (like bending a plastic ruler in your hand) anyway.. Doc gave me painkillers and in jan 07 sent me for an xray on my knee as it wasnt healing. It was still twisted in feb 07 when I jarred it again and this time I got full motion back. When the xray came back there was nothing abnormal except for the fact that the doc found osteophites on my knee and I have mild oa of the knee...My question is.. Did the jarred knee cause the osteophites or have they been there a few years and the twist was due to a weakened knee?? I dont know how long osteophites take to form and would appreciate some help..I am 35 and not sure if I should have oa just yet or am I nieve on the subject...

regards Sad
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replied July 10th, 2007
osteophytes take quite a long time to develop, so are unlikely to have just popped up after your injury.

also, they are often found on X-ray, but that does not necessarily mean they are an important part of your problem (they could just be coincidental findings)

35 is fairly young for OA, but it can occur in active people, or people who spend a lot of time kneeling (certain jobs)

does your knee ever give way under you? do you have rouble going up and down stairs? is it swollen or stiff?
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replied July 15th, 2007
Hi bazn.. thanx for the reply...
firstly my knee has never given way nor do i have any trouble whatsoever climbing/decending stairs... although the right knee has turned out to be the beginning of my problems.
firstly i get very little to nil pain in my right knee now and am currently having an mri on it in the near future as the specialist thinks i have damaged cartilage.., however my left knee has been giving me a lot more grief pain wise n the past 3 months than my right has in total..(including the twiist)..along with a lot of serious hip pain in both hips the past month or so.(feels liks someone scraping the joint with the edge of a knife)..and to top it all my back is doing a lot of cracking and creaking and crunching which was painful when it happens.
i feel like im starting to fall apart.. Sad oh well.. there is always someone less fortunate than yourself..
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replied July 31st, 2007
Hi bubblefish,

It sound like you've had this prob for a while but just coincidently found out about it.

Here are some natural remedies to help with the knee and joints. If your cartilage is worn away the best thing to do is use COMFREY CREAM (knit bone) applied topically, it actually stimulates grotwth of the tendon, ligament, cartilage, muscle and bone areas-it really works.

Here are some hints on how to prevent your condition from getting worse.

-Drink Plenty of Water
-Use glucosamine
-see a chiro if necessary
-Eat lots of fruits, nuts, seeds, vegies, and plant protein
-Cardio and Weight bearing exercises
-eliminate all fried or hydrogenated (fried foods or products containing fried oils) foods from your diet
-eliminate all SUGARS (malts, cane sugar, glucose, syrups etc)
-Use COMFREY cream over the arthritic are (grows back bone, cartilage, reduces inflamation and pain etc)-don't use on plates or pins
-Get some sun exposure (20minutes per day- b4 10am and after 3pm)

-Eat Sugar or foods containing it
-Eat high amounts of Meat (too high protein)
-drink carbonated beverages
-Eat fried foods
-stay inactive

If you would like any more info email me
Good Health To You Wink
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replied March 2nd, 2008
hi, my name is christian. I twisted my left knee two weeks ago,on february 16,2008.
when i twisted my knee i heard the ''pop'' and i felt my knee give away.After that i haven't felt lot pain, just the day after on 17 february, my knee start to swalling and difficult to bending or move in any way.
Monday 18 i went to my GP for a visit. The GP after cheked my knee he give me one week off for rest and he told me to come back next week for an other visit.The week after indeed my knee get little bit better,i can move little bit but not completely.The day 25 february my gp visit me and he give me an other week off,and he booked for me a physiotherapy.I asked to the nurse when i could start the physiotherapy, and she said: the physiotherapyst will call you for let you know.
Now it's past an other week and i supposed to come back to work monday 3 march.I have not received any call from the ospital for the physiotherapy,my knee is still the same than one week before, so i can't move it very well, and i can't bending or knee down.
What am i suppose to do when i come back to work and i can't do my job properly because my knee?
Thank you and sorry for my bad english.
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