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Important-if You Are Bipolar Read Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lookie what I found today everyone: sychology/10therapy.html?_r=2&adxnnl=1 &oref=slogin&adxnnlx=1176233471-C7 7hH0NukIkhWPpKWN0zdw&oref=slogin

The New York Times printed a huge study done on the importance of psycotherapy for Bipolar patients. I hope all those with bipolar illness take the time to read it. This confirms the importance of family therapy and what I have been saying all along. Drugs alone are not sufficant enough to deal with this illness.

For those of you still in a relationship with someone with this illness, this study shows just how important family therapy is in dealing with someone who has this illness. Good luck to all and I hope my ex someday reads this report and truly gets the help he deserves!
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