I have SLE and am on Cellcept. My specialists have advised against falling pregnant due to the severity of my Lupus. I am looking into surrogacy, but am not yet sure if I am completely infertile due to chemo treatment undergone last year. If so, then I will opt for a donor egg to be used. I am also scared that the immune suppresant Cellcept might cause damage to the baby.
I would love to hear from anyone who has Lupus and is currently on Cellcept and who fell pregnant or who opted for other options such as surrogacy.
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replied April 10th, 2007
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I don't have lupus, or know much about it...but I did find this link for you. I hope it helps somewhat. However, if your specialist advised you not to get pregnant, I would look into the options available to you; surrogacy or adoption. Good luck to you.

http://www.lupus.org/education/brochures/p regnancy.html
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