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Acne? Cysts? Infected Hair Follicle? On Penis

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Ill start off by saying I am male and I will be 18 in a week. For quite some time now I have had these weird bumps on my penis. It seems there are more now. They look like very small acne bumps... they are also more noticble when erect and they look somewhat white in color. They also seem to have a little bit of puss in them and if i try to pop them like a pimple they excrete a little puss, they then hurt a bit, and they also seem hard. normally they do not hurt, only if i mess with them. I think they are either cysts or odd hair follicles. Also, there are not an STD. Does anyone know what they might be? If you have any questions for me I am glad to answer them. Also, if you have any idea what they are what treatments are available? thanks
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replied December 23rd, 2008
reply to bondsforpes
this is most likely a common case of fordyce spots. its common for most males to develope these, and like your case, they are more noticable when erect. They are completely natural and in all cases harmless. your best bet is to let them be, and with good diet and and an avoidence to stress, they should be gone in less than a year. hope I could help!