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Change In Penis Sensitivity?

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im 21 years old all the sudden my penis seems to be more sensitive like within the last 3 weeks or so when i masturbate or even when i have sex but more noticeably in masturbation i ejaculate within a min or 2 and i dont even need any stimulation like i dont have to be watching porn or anything before i would last longer pretty much as long as i wanted to and to get off i would have to be watching some sort of porn also i noticed this light blue vein on the left of my penis that is more clear now that i didnt notice before and another thing when im erect i stay erect longer now sometimes even after i ejaculate i stay semi erect for a good amount of time after i dont have any pain or anything just dont know why all the sudden its so sensitive and doesnt take long for me to get off
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replied April 10th, 2007
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Sudden premature ejaculation, when not present before, can be caused by a few things. Are you taking any new medications? If so, look at the side effects. Another possibility could be prostate infection. It would be a new development and can cause PE.

Other than that I wouldn't know. Perhaps soaps, lotions, etc. changes could cause sensitivities like it can cause sensitivities or irritation elsewhere on the body.
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