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Red Dots On Penis (after Sex)

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Last week I noticed some tiny little red dots on the tip of my penis.(like a pin hole size)
Since then its like they've come to the surface or something and I have some tiny red spots. There is no pain or irritation of any sort and I don't feel ill in anyway or any other side effect like most websites say I could experience if it was anything serious, they aren't "raised" bumps either.

I noticed these after sleeping with my new girlfriend. It wasn't the first time we slept together but was about the 2nd or 3rd.

I was told that the little red dots are most likely just burst blood vessels if she was a little rough, (she did squeeze a bit too hard with her hand). The most serious thing mentioned was a yeast infection but was told its unlikely to be that, anyway. And I'm assuming they just have to get like this before they go away, it just it isn't all gone away yet that I was wondering. Right now, the area that its at, is just a little red now, but they aren't really noticable unless I am "excited" I'm assuming because theres more blood rushing to the surface or something like that.

I used a condom, maybe theres the chance there was some contact before I put it on, with her?

Does Burst blood vessels happen? I've seen it happens alot from looking up internet but not sure what its supposed to look like... or else if I should start to worry.

Thank you.
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replied April 10th, 2007
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Well, you shouldn't rule out STD because a doctor hasn't seen it or tested you, but it doesn't sound like it.

It sounds like burst blood vessel, which should clear up in a matter of days or a couple weeks depending on the severity. I've had them before, though not as a result of sex. If too much blood is forced into the head from her hand or vacuum action from oral or sex then it could happen I suppose.

They look just like you've suggested. Red spots, non-raised. They may turn black or purple like a bruise later, and cover a larger area.
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