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Cancer Patient Wants to Get In Record Book

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Saw this kid on Hockey Night In Canada tonight. Second time around fighting leukemia, turning 8 in late May, & all he wants for his birthday is to get into the record book for most cards received (current record is 3 million).

I say we help him do it.

If you don't have the time or the money to buy a card, just click the link, print off one of the two cards available, & mail it to the address provided. Also, if you're a member of any other boards out there with an Off-Topic forum like this one, help spread the word & create a thread. After all, there's only a little less than 33 million people in all of Canada - probably not enough that this kid's not gonna need a bit of help.

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replied April 8th, 2007
Thanks for the heads-up; he's a remarkable young man!
Richard Day Gore
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