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Back Pain Spreading to Stomach?

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hello. 24 yr old male here.

a little over a week and a half ago i started to experience some lower back pain. it was bareable for the first couple days then got to the point where i couldnt stand for too long (not even a couple minutes) without having this very sharp almost unbearable pain.

i began taking aspirin and it worked well.

a few days into that and i started to notice the pain spreading to my side and the side of my stomach. mainly my left side and on the left side of my stomach all around the hip bone. its on my right side too but its not too bad.

i stuck with the aspirin and it was still working fine, for my stomach too. id take the aspirin, it took some time to kick in, but when it did id feel as good as new.

over the past 2 or 3 days the stomach pain has gotten a lot worse. then just last night the backpain had worsened too, only on the left side though.

i can also feel the pain spreading upward some (on the back).

last night and today the aspirin still helps, but i can still tell that there is pain there. and while its not excrutiating like how it is without the aspirin, its still very uncomfertable.

it feels almost like cramps mixed with an extremely sharp pain. sometimes it feels like im bloated or have gas. also, i havent had a healthy bowel movement in a week or so. im not totaly constipated but the amount that comes out is small and hard to get out.

also, some background on me which may or may not be playing a role. ive been pretty inactive for the last couple months. i deal with depression and anxiety which has been getting a lot worse over the past few months.

last july my lymph became swollen in my groing area. it spread down my entire leg. i was tested for a lot of things that could of caused it and the doctors couldnt come up with anything.

i saw a nautropath dr who had me do some physical tests and he told me that i pulled a muscle that blocked the lymph.

i got on a regime of vitamins, minerals, excercise, massage, etc and the leg got better.

its almost completely gone but the actually lymph nodes are very swollen and hard right now.

i dont know if that is connected with my problems right now or not but i thought that i should throw that out there anyway.

any help is appreciated.

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replied March 31st, 2007
also, the aspirin isnt much help at all anymore. it dulls the pain but just a little.

massage also helps. i have a massager thing and it helps but the pain returns in a couple minutes.
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