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Mom's Company Closing, Dad And I Work At Home, Help?

Hi everyone, I just signed up on the forum today. Not really sure where to start looking for information but forums have also proved very helpful in other areas. Here's the situation:

The company where my Mom works is closing in a week and she will be left without a job and without health insurance.

My Dad and I own a company together (we're the only two employees) and will soon be incorporating.

Mom and Dad are in their early 60s and I am 26.

Is there some health insurance plan we can purchase for the three of us, or what should we do? I currently do not have health insurance but a good individual plan for myself is only about $60 per month.

I'm hoping someone might be able to point us in the right direction. If you need me to clarify or need more info before being able to offer advice, I'll be happy to provide..

Thanks for your time!
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