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Confused About My Ed And How to Deal With Family/friends

I'm new to these message boards, im 23 years old and although I haven't been diagnosed with an ed, ive struggled with weight, depression etc for years. Right now at 5 foot 8 inches, I weigh 100 lbs. All my friends and family constantly comment on how sick I look and plead with me to eat more. I work full time at a hospital and am going to school for medicine, and frankly finding the time to eat a well balanced meal is very difficult. I'm just so sick and tired of listening to my parents and friends comments on what I eat, when I eat, how much I eat, etc. I know they love me and are concerned but their comments just increase my depression levels and cause me even more anxiety, which in turn seems to make me eat less! I dont know, I just wanted to know how others in similar situations have dealt with the constant (and often times unwanted) concern of friends and family. Any suggestions or advice would be amazing because I struggle every day with the words to tell my parents that Im doing the best I can, and right now that just doesn't involve alot of food. Since I don't even know if I have an ed Im just really confused, so please anything you guys have to say would mean alot!!!
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replied March 27th, 2007
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While some women do have low weights because of metabolic issues, it sounds to me like you very well may have an ED. 5' 8" and 100 lb. is very, very underweight. In fact, it's dangerous to your health to be so underweight.

One thing with my ED, I always made excuses not to eat. I'm busy studying, I'm in college, don't have time for balanced meals, can't find time to eat, I'm too depressed to eat and so on. It sounds to me like you're making excuses and are in denial about having an ED.

Read the signs of an ED in the sticky post up above. One major red flag that you probably have an ED is that the thought of gaining weight, even 1 lb. terrifies you. That you still feel fat or not thin enough as thin as you are.

I suggest seeing a therapist (preferably one specialized in treating EDs) and a psychiatrist and a registered dietician. It sounds to me like you do have an ED but just keep denying it (even to yourself).
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replied March 29th, 2007
Thanks for the reply!! It's weird how this disorder creeps up on you, even while typing this i still dont think I have a problem, it's soo confusing and frustrating. Like, I'm not scared of gaining weight, nor do I obsess over calories, yet I still restrict my food intake. I guess I always put eating disorders in a lil box, and didnt want to think I had one unless my symptoms fell directly into that box. I appreciate your reply because its helping me to see how deep my denial runs. thanks!!
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