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Supplements Causing Borderline Kidney Function Tests?

I am 39 yr old male, good health overall. Experienced borderline kidney blood tests at last physical for the first time.
1.4 creat
60 gfr, 24 BUN.

Went for renal ultrasound--no problems found.
What could do it? Possibilities:
working out?
Prescribed meds: Avapro (150 qd), Ambien CR, Wellbutrin XL
OTC stuff: multivitamin, fish oil, aloe (for digestion), fiber, milk thistle (for liver function). Advil/Motrin maybe 2-3 times per week but only one 200 mg dose once a day when I do take it.

Am awaiting follow up appt, but wanted to get some feedback...
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replied March 31st, 2007
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Your lab results are not that far out of normal. And remember the "normal" is a generalization. This could be "normal" for you. Most renal doctors will also look at your potassium results. If your kidneys are still functioning and are removing the potassium in your blood they feel better about your kideny function. You might want to do a 24 hour creatinine clearance test. This needs to be ordered by your doctor and if they feel it is something worth while they will tell you how to do this test. You can also try to stop taking the herbal suppliments. These might be interacting with the prescription drugs.
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replied February 13th, 2011
what is considerd boarderline due to deytration.
i drink fluids all day---green tea + diabetic 2 on meds
metforim no soft drinks
diabeties under control
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