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Not a wine drinker, and had three glasses of Shiraz (red) wine last night. Have been constipated off and on for a while now, and have been taking ground flax seed daily which helps, but sometimes I dont drink enough water so I flop back to being clogged

anyway...3 glasses of red wine last night. Wake up this morning, have a normal BM, normal chocolate brown, and then around 11 another, but this one is BLACK. Looks like a normal stool shape/size wise, but BLACK

about 3 hours later, another smaller BM, still black.

Ive been having cramping, clogging, some narrow some BIG stools...all variable over some time, but never black

seems to have been triggered by the wine that I may have overdone?

Has anyone ever experienced this before?

Will call a gastro doc tomorrow...
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First Helper joe8395

replied January 5th, 2010
Red wine Dark stools
Yes, I had the same dark stools the day after drinking red wine. I never really drink red, so I forgot about it. I was really worried the next day after experiencing that. I am glad I found this posting. Well, by the second day, I was back to normal. If anyone is worried about dark stools a day after you have comsumed red wine, give it a day or so and they should be back to normal.
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replied April 19th, 2012
Dark diahrrea and red wine the night before
It could also be the red wine was bad...left with the cork off and it went bad, etc. I have experienced this but with black loose stools and pain in stomach and lower abdomen.
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replied November 30th, 2012
Black stools and indigestion
Today all my stools have been black. Last night I made 'osso buco' for dinner and used some old red wine, boiled down of course. During the night I had indigestion and reflux and am hoping that tomorrow will be back to brown Sad
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replied February 18th, 2016
I'm so tired of all these negative people saying something is wrong with you or the wine. Nothing is wrong with you this is very normal in lots of people. Myself, I can't drink even one glass of any red wine and this happens to me EVERY time. I never get this reaction to anything else but red wine. When I drink white wine, beer, liquor I always have normal bowel movements so I hardly doubt drinking red wine is making bleed internally!
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