I should have a craniofacial and plastic surgery but I came to a point where I am becoming unable to tell my doc what procedures I decided on and what look exactly I would love to have. I think I am just freaking out before the final decision (and making the necessary implants for my new bone structure).

So, I came seeking for advice.

I am posting my hospital pics. Please, be very very (brutally) honest and try to tell me what I should alter to be pretty/beautiful. I do not just want to look "normal" as in "not disfigured". If I have to endure craniofacial and plastic surgery, over 2 months of pain + some additional procedures after, I want it to be worth it.

Also looking this way stops me from doing my work (nobody wants an ugly translator/diplomate), so I am hoping that if I get a "representative look", I might be able to find the work I am qualified for much easier. As for now, I usually get the 1) "You are a good translator, your profile is matching our needs" 2)Then the meeting and something along the lines of "Ah, nice to meet you..." 3)A letter saying they found someone who was more suitable for them Sad

The 100% necessary (and agreed on) procedures so far are: Advancing the upper jaw to correct my lower overbite + cheek implants (I am hoping for high cheeks)
I am also thinking about altering my forehead, but not sure how.
I can (and will) have my bone structure altered by implants, so major changes are possible.

My pics are here:

http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t152/Do tCatSurg/gyah01.jpg

http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t152/Do tCatSurg/gyah02.jpg

Btw. The skin problems have been taken care of already Smile My skin is pretty clean at the moment.
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replied April 1st, 2007
Brutally honest and blunt...thats me......First, I looked at both of your pictures, face front and profile. I do not see anything wrong with the way your bone structure is. Why on earth would you want to reconstruct your face? If you are dead set on plastic surgery, please make damned sure you find a good qualified one. Have a conseltation with the Dr and ask his opinion and ask to see photos of before and after of his work. You can then get a general idea of what oyu are looking for. I did not understnad hte cheek inplants, I could see maybe a chin implant to balance out your profile. I think you look just fine the way you are, just maybe try experimenting wioht different makeups and talk to makeup consultants. Its a sad thing when todays world is so hung up on "LOOKS" rather than to take someone for who they really are...Its what is on the inside that counts girlfriend, not the outside...... I also would like to say if these people at job interviews are turning you away because you think of how you look.....well its their stupidity and their loss........keep in touch!
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