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Implantation Dip, When Does It Occur?

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Hi ladies,

I have been charting my BBT at fertility friend website. I would like to know when implantation can occur?

If it occurs, is there a good chance for pregnancy?

Maybe u can see my chart and give me some comments.
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Thanks in advance.

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replied March 22nd, 2007
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Well your chart look like my last chart ( with which i got a BFP) Mine also never got higher than 98.3 & i had a dip to coverline on dpo4. When is your af due.? Hope its a BFP for you.

[link removed] , Hope this helps.
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replied March 22nd, 2007
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my AF is normally due on 12 DPO and above... right now only 7DPO.

I am worried and anxious...
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