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New Atkins Revelations!

Horizon (bbc) did a case study on atkins diet and found that you didnt need a low carb, or even low fat diet to lose weight.

Atkins suggests that followers lose weight through losing ketones, this was found to be extremely doubtful as levels vary so insignificantly they dont leave the "trace" level.

It was then found that although people people could eat as much fatty food as they wanted, they only eat as many calories as people on the "traditional" "low fat" approach. Carbs dont contain calories, so how was this possible?

Protein, the magic ingredient!

It isnt the lack of carbs that make you lose weight, its the protein, it quells the appetite, stopping you feeling hungry, so you dont eat as much!

So... If you eat high protein, low fat foods, you will lose even more weight!!
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First Helper guest75341

replied March 6th, 2004
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Low fat foods are very bad for you. Yes, with atkins you do need high protein and low carb.
I am not saying your way will not work, but hey atkins has worked for millions of people. And when you cheat on atkins and eat low fat, or high carb food it does not work, so that has to stand for something!
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