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Having Gout And Kidney Stones At Same Time? Good Have Mercy

one of my friends just got chilly and very upset, he just been punished by his doctor that he have a tiny stone in his body, it just like an answer for his lately back pain, what he didnt accept it, he already suffered by gout for years and already take a proper diet to reduce it, but other problem came to earlier, he told me last nigh that he almost couldn't bear it.

Thank god i didnt get same problem, although i still sad to my friends and will give him support as i could.

healthy is cheap and also could be very expensive my friend, so be careful with your life style Laughing
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replied July 28th, 2008
Gout And Kidney Stones At Same Time
i have old gout and a kidney stone of 8mm in right kidney for about five years now. stone is passive since detected hence no problem yet!
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