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Depakote + Prozac?

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I need a bit of help from someone with good knowledge. I would have just hit the "ask doctor" tab, but I have never actually managed to be online at the same time as a doctor. I don't know why being online at the same time is relevent to being able to ask a question, but anyway...

I am on depakote now, and have been for a few weeks. My doctor now says he wants me on prozac as well. It's well known that someone with bipolar cant take antidepressents, but after searching around on the internet, I hear people saying its not even OK with a mood stabilizer.

I do have mood swings but I'm definitely bipolar II (way more depression than mania). I have horrible anxiety, which is even worse than my depression. Ive never been suicidal or hopeless, and I feel like my depression is more physical than anything, so I dont really know how well antidepressents are going to work. The last thing I need right now is to be put into a coma. What I need is something that will help with motivation and my lack of energy, and something to help manage the anxiety and panic.

So is it ok to take prozac and depakote? Should I ask him about any other alternitives?

PS: Please no all natural suggestions. Also, I tried to start exercising, but as it turns out, I have exercise-induced uticaria, which is basically an allergy to body heat. So, I would exercise if I could, but its a hard thing to do. I have, also, been eating healthier.
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replied April 12th, 2007
yes taking an anti-depressant while bi-polar can make one manic. but with a mood stabilizer. ,taken along with it. , it is suppose to not make one manic. That is why they give both medicines. together.

I am bi-polar and I take two... Wellbutrin 100 mg. and Tegretol. ( a mood stablizer.)

I watch to see if the Wellbutrin is giving me symtoms. as we have to monitor how we feel... as each responds differently..

Please ask the Dr., as I am not one. just a Bp person..

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