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Skinny As You Might Call It

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Im 14 years old and i dont know if this is something wrong but im asking anyway because im worried.

Im average in hegith ad almost average in weight but the problem is my fatness if you want to call it. By fatness i mean the distance between your shoulder and the size of your hips and thighs. It is really small and i am starting to get worried.

52 KG and 170 CM , that is quite average but the length between one shoulder to another is only 45 CM and in my opinion, that is really short. I have a very muscular body.

Is there maybe any excercises i could do to fix this ?

My dad sais you have 4 more years to grow.

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replied April 13th, 2007
Experienced User

As young as you are, you still have another 3-4 years of growing yet.
At 14 years old, you are still in the awkwardness stage of growing, by the time you are 17-18 you will be perfectly fine.
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