I am a recovering pain pill / xanax addict; and just recently graduated from a top treatment center. Though I did everything told to me; I was not able to obtain a sponsor which is an important part of the recovery process.

I attend about #3 meetings a week. Does anyone presently have a sponsor? How did you meet? Are there any alternatives to sponsorship?
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replied March 20th, 2007
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Yea, I have a sponsor. I got mine early, some time in my first week. He was another member of my home group. Do you have a home group?

There is no magic to this business of sponsorship, find the guy that laughs easily, seems to be happy and carries the steps into other areas of his life and ASK HIM!

You need to ask, most guys will not inflect themselves upon you uninvited.

Yea, there are alternatives to a sponsor. Most of them involve drinking. Get a sponsor. A good one can save your life.

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replied April 17th, 2007
Shadow said alot of good stuff. You don't list yourself as an alcoholic so the the oldtimers would say that the place you belong is NA. Unfortunately in smaller comunities NA can be hard to find. NA borrows it's steps and program from AA. I've noticed that the day of the pure alcy has to a large extent ended. Most people today, IMO, who enter the program are dual or poly addicted. In my small group some identify themselves as addicts or alcoholic/addict. You may well find a qualified sponsor in AA. You may also hire a temporary sponsor till you find a permanent one. I'm an alcoholic as well as an addict, but for the sake of harmony I identify myself as just an alcy. Shadow is right about finding a person who happily lives the program. Don't forget that just as you hire a sponsor you can fire them as well. At any rate for most addicts alcohol is involved. Don't fear rejection when asking someone to sponsor you. Just never give up on yourself. God bless you and good luck. RJ.
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