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Can You Be Pregnant If the Condom Burst And He Lays Inside

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My boyfriend and I were having sex, we used protection, and the condom broke and he laid inside me. He actually cam inside me. So I waited a whole month and my period came on 5 days late could this mean that i am pregnant or have i missed the sailing boat. My stomach has also goting hard and I know that can deal with pregnancy and is it possible for me to have my period and still be pregnant.
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replied March 15th, 2007
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your stomach wouldn't be getting hard so early in pregnancy. my stomach didn't get "hard" until i probably about 12wks (about 3 months) pregnant.

did take a pregnancy test..? that would be the best way to find out if you're pregnant.

if you got your period, though, i think it's safe to rule pregnancy out. but some women do bleed throughout pregnancy. but it isn't all that common & isn't too normal.

take a test, or head to the doctor if you think you're pregnant.
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replied March 16th, 2007
I agree, the only way to know at this point is to take a test. I would say five days late is no big deal and probably just stress. I've been late many times without being pregnant.

If you feel you are pregnant, then of course treat your body as though it were until you're able to get tested (don't take any kind of otc or prescription med unless you know it's approved for pregnancy, no alchohol, etc.) Better safe than sorry.
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