I did some reading and stumbled across something that fits my husband 100%....he's had these types of headaches for 15yrs now. But men just don't go to the doctors..uggh.

Does anyone else get cluster headaches? If you do what did the dr put you on, and is there anything that helps you personally that can help him while he's having one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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replied June 8th, 2012
I have been living with clusterheadaches for about 20 years now. I get mine every 3-4 years and then they go into remission. I was diagnosted when I was in my twentys and am now 47. I have been prescribed prednisone and use imitrex injections when I get an attack. I have been lucky that my average one lasts approximately 15-20 minutes but are the most severe pain I have ever experienced. Recently I have received injections in my trigeminal nerve which is in your face however it hasn't helped like it has in the past. I recommend that he sees some type of pain specialist who specializes in headaches because alot of doctors don't know much about them. Most clusterheadaches come in the evening from around 10:oo pm until early morning...mine come in my sleep mostly which is not uncommon. If his are as painful as mine are I tend to rock scream cry and sob and wish I no longer existed. There is no cure but there are many types of medications such as imitrex and oxygen that can stop the attack and make them go away. There is an excellent website called clusterheadaches.com that has alot of information. I hope this has helped somewhat and my heart goes out to him he is not alone.

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replied September 24th, 2012
One in 300 (usually men) suffer from Cluster Headaches. I can attest to the unbearable pain caused by these. It feels like a constant ice cream headache where you eat something cold too fast. I use straight Oxygen right away, but sometimes it doesn't seem to work. I am about to try Melanin (MELATONIN) to see if that helps.

CHs are strange. Always on the same side, know known triggers (except that the seem to be timed with our circadian rhythms (sleep-wake cycle) and usually present about 40 minutes AFTER I fall asleep (around 11:00 pm.)

Since they normally last from 15 to 45 minutes, meds are of no use as they won't take effect until the headache is either over or nearly over. Then, you think the meds fixed it, when they actually didn't even touch it.

I've used ice, cold cloths, exercise and anything else I can think of to stop the pain but nothing seems to help except copious amounts of O2.

I feel for you!
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