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Bad Breath Problems...

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Bad breath can often be the first sign of a disease. But how do doctors define bad breath and what are the major causes of bad breath?...
Did you know that bad breath can be associated with sinus problems? Learn more about the common (and unfamiliar) causes of bad breath here....
Did you know that symptoms of bad breath depend upon medical cause? More here on major causes and related symptoms of bad when to seek help....
G’day ppl Smile

I had a SERIOUS bad breath problem a few years ago, but started taking Flonase which COMPLETELY eradicated whatever it was in my sinuses that was causing it (I do have post-nasal drip). The odor back then was fecal…YUCK! if you have this problem, ask your Dr. and try FLONASE or it's generic equivalent!!! this saved me so much misery you can't believe.

My tongue has been coated with something (can’t recall if it has always been like this or not…) and I scraped it with a tongue scraper today and a bunch of “slime” came off of it and it smelled badly. but now my breath has been a little better since (says my wife, bless her heart Laughing )

i brush regularly and get cleaning every 6 months, so it isn't an oral hygiene problem. but i will start to implement the tongue scraper more regularly.

from a few hours of online research here is what tips i have picked up:

1) one fella posted: I then heard about a very cheap method to alleviate the problem via the internet. The solution costs about 99p in most chemists and it really does work a treat. i was astonished by its ability to instantly stop any bad breath. The product is Hydrogen Peroxide 3% solution (Do not use a dilution rate above 3% ie: 6% or more, as it may cause you harm) mix a small amount of the solution with salt and warm water and gargle for about three minutes twice daily. I can vouch for its effectiveness as can my wife. It works by providing more oxygen into the mouth killing the bacteria which apparently doesn't like oxygen.

2) one gal posted: Green tea and peppermint tea contain properties that can reduce and suppress the chemicals that cause bad breath.

3) another gal posted: The ONLY thing that has worked for me is Orbit Cinnamon gum. Sometimes, I have the most DISGUSTING taste in my mouth and the gum totally wipes it out. NO OTHER gum has worked.
(obviously not a permanent fix... tho i will state that while i haven't tried Cin ORBIT, i do like the Peppermint ALTOIDS gum for covering bad breath!!!)

i tried the green tea and will wait 'til tomorrow a couple hours after i wake to try the 3%HP-with-salt-and-warm-water-gargle

so has anyone found something that has CURED bad breath for them?

thanx Smile
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First Helper artaq

replied March 13th, 2007
problem solved! Smile

scraping my tongue had the biggest impact.

i also took heed to the counsel in my 1st post up top, tips #1 & #2.

gargling w/ the Hyd. Perox. + saltwater for a couple minutes. also drinking green tea.

not sure which of the 3 did it, but heck, it didn't cost me a dime!

hopefully this can help some other suffering soul Wink
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replied February 22nd, 2012

gone!It didn’t come back that day, nor the next. To make sure it stayed gone, he started using the formula every four hours — starting when he got up and ending with just before going to bed … which worked out great for me!

Bad Breath Treatment

Now he has worked out a schedule and he uses the formula three to four times a day — at about the same intervals he would normally brush his teeth.

His bad breath has not come back!

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