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Braces, Palate Expander, Now Painful Gums Oh My!

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I recently got braces in December followed by a palate expander. Everything has been fine until to my recent visit to the ortho. My teeth were tightened but a chain was also placed on my front braces to close the small gap that had formed.

After this I was in constant pain for about three days, something I was told was only suppose to last a day an a half. I brush my teeth the moment I wake up, after breakfast and after any sugary food in take as well as right before bed.

Lately though, every time I try to put in my palate expander I recife a constant throbbing pain in my back teeth were my wisdom teeth are and my gums have been cut up. It doesn't help that I've been suffering from a pretty bad cough, all this has become quite painful and I would like to try to heal this as quickly as possible without it resulting in crazy oral surgery.

I was wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions that can help me relieve this pain and stop a possible serious infection as well as what I should do about my palate expander, should I keep on wearing it or wait a bit?

Thank you very much for you time
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replied February 22nd, 2009
skin grafting for gums
Is it necessary to have perfectly straight teeth for the skin graft to adhere properly? I was told to have braces on my bottom teeth before having skin grafts to the lower gum.
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