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Laser Resurfacing On Upper Lip & Eyes & Hyfercation

poor results from both of these. looking to see if anyone can relate.
my surgery (by board certified surg.) was 10/26/06. today is 3/7/07. my upper lip is white like that of a corpse. it tingles when i lean over. smiling feels like it's stretching beyond its limit. the white is extreme and visible. (my friend said "got milk?")
my chin has a small bump and is just as ruddy as before hyfercation.
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replied March 31st, 2009
Laser Facial Resurfacing Over 4 weeks ago
What is the best moisturizing cream that I can use on the red areas around the mouth and eyes? I'm trying to cover the area with concealer but it tends to melt away after an hour or so. Is there anyway I can prepare the skin to keep it cooler before applying make up? What is the normal healing time for the redness to lighten enough to be covered?
Thanks for any info,
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