In the beginning, I want to introduce myself: I'm a doctor of medicine for about 20 years now and very interested in Neurology and Orthopedics. Since 5 years I work as an assistant medical director in a rehabilitation center in Germany.
There are a lot of dangerous illnesses concerning nerves and muscles and I am venerating the way people get along with these diseases.
My brother and my Mother suffer from spastical spinalparalysis since 1985. In the beginning was no more than a little unsteadiness in walking. Meanwhile, my brother has a broad increase of spastic in his legs that it has become difficult to walk for long periods. My mother cannot leave the house anymore. She additionally suffers from Parkinson's disease since 1999.
We really tried a lot of medical therapy, we tried Botox, nothing really made it better.
In August 06, we heared about the chance of spiritual healing. In the beginning, I was very critical about this. But then we decided to give a chance to this way of healing. At first, for both was created an individual profile to find out, how far healing could get.
Meanwhile my brother can walk very much better, he feels, that strength comes back to the muscles. My mother is very glad that she lost all symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Now she has the possibility to extend the distance she can go.
We are all very happy about this, we're going from strength to strength. There is a lot of healing to do in their nervous system, that takes a lot of time.
I'm telling you our story to show, that there may be ways to heal or even make the situation better than it is on alternative ways.
As I told you, I had a lot of problems with this, but I changed my mind completely.
If you're interested in this and want to have further informations, don't hesitate to ask.
Ulrike Lux
PS: I beg your pardon, my English seems not to be one of the best, sorry
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