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Feces In the Stomach?

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For the past couple of months by boyfriend has had severe stomach pain, heartburn and back pain. Hes been told that he has an ulcer and was put on medication for it. Well recentley its been bothering him significantly and he had to go to the doctor to be checked out. The doctor told him that he needs to have a scope done on his stomach and that he has feces in his stomch. Well what does that mean? He's worried and so am I and I can't wait until his doctors appt. to find out whats going on. Please reply if you have any ideas or thoughts.
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replied April 10th, 2007
a couple of friends of mine have crohns, and this happened to one of them. she got some kind of digestive blockage and it made her very ill. because she wasn't able to poo, it all came upwards instead and she was throwing up her own faeces. what a horrible thing to go through. she was rushed to hospital where she stayed for several days, thankfully she is now ok, but it's a very dangerous thing to happen. how is your boyfriend now?
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replied October 27th, 2010
What happens when feces gets in the stomach?
my sister has a hole going from her intestines into her stomach where feces is being deposited. They cannot do surgery because her tissue doesn't have enough integrity after being on prednisone for 15 years. They tried IV feeding to rest the bowel and give the fistula time to heal, but she doesn't have the ability to heal any longer. We just want to know what will happen next. They cannot do anything for her. Will she just get an infection? pain? vomiting? We know she won't last long, but we don't know what to expect. Anyone out there know?
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