Has anyone ever had sun poisioning from a tanning bed? If so how long did it take to cure it and did you get back in the tanning bed, did it happen again?
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replied March 24th, 2007
Yes, I have gottten sun poisoning from a tanning bed along with being in the sun as well. After a nice bout with Melanoma and a 7 inch scar from skin cancer.........mulitple test (bloodwork, chest xrays) etc.I no longer give a rats ass about tanning. I prefer Jergens tan in a can! As for your question, if you will rub vinegar (yes it stinks and sounds gross) but it will take the sting and burn out of sunburns. Also aloe vera gel we keep in the refrigerator will help. It usually takes about a week or so for your skin to repair itself. The bad news is, the burn may have gone to deeper layers and this is what causes skin cancer...........Just stating the facts, and hope someone learns early instead of having to go thru what I have! Its not worth the price of tanning in the long run! You only have one body of skin! Protect it! Laughing
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