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Can't Handle Lactose In the Mornings Only?

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Anyone know anything about this? Is it possible to be lactose intolerant but only affected in the morning?
I get stomach cramps/pain if I eat anything with milk/lactose in it (milk, cheese, etc) as my first meal of the day, but I don't have a problem digesting it the rest of the day...
If I eat something without milk and then wait a while and then eat something with milk in it I am fine. Question But if I haven't eaten anything else (even if I've been up for a while) and I eat someting with lactose, I get painful cramps. Confused
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replied April 16th, 2007
Lactose Intolerant
When we get up in the morning our bodies take a while to produce pepsin in the stomach. All items you purchase made from pasteurized cows milk have the ability to cause some people digestive problems because pasteurization changes the milk sugars and enzymes that can cause disruption.
People with this problem can use any product make with whole raw milk.
But the milk industry has encouraged laws to be passed in 25 states outlawing the sale of or consumption of unpasturized milk or milk products.
Fortunately, I found a farmer who sold me a share (for $20) of his milk cow and we consume about 3 gallons a week. The wife makes butter and butter milk and I make yogurt and we all drink the fresh milk without and side effects. My wife and I have Cholesterol numbers our doctor calls beautiful and he can't understand it. We take no medications and we are in our 70's. Our
Nature knows what our bodies need.
The best book on milk I have read is Dr. Douglas Campbell's Milk Book.
Look at his site:
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