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Colon Cancer, Stomach Cancer? Ulcer, Hp Infection?? Dunno

Hi i have noticed a tiny bit of discomfort just below my left ribcage for about a year now but just 3 weeks ago i noticed it alot more, now it doesn't really hurt its just a dull and sometimes sharp tingling pain, its strange though, now this week i have had constipation, its gone now, but my bowel movements are differn't, and i noticed a few little red spots of blood ( i thought it was blood, it looked like flakes of blood, very small) in my last bowel movement, and my bowels have been a light brown colour, kind of orange, , now i am worried, for the past week i felt sort of sick or kind of like vomiting, its like my food isn't getting properly digested. I'm 19 years old, and when i eat i get a full feeling....

i also have a anxiety order so im scared ti death.
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replied March 6th, 2007
Tough One Huh
Hi! My name is marie i am 22 and i basically have the same thing going on as sorry to say i dont have any answers or ways to help i have had this for a year now, but the doctors are suggesting crones to me? and IBS..maybe if you havent a look into those things might be helpful..Oh also my cousin had it where her food wasnt getting digested and she had celiac's diasease, its an allergy to all wheat products.. the doctors can test for it but it doesnt show alot of the time.. goodluck
take care
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