Dear sweet,

i thort u were the one that was deaf and I really want to help u. This may sound harsh and I dont wanna offend anyone because of wot has been happening on the boards lately so im going to do wot I did in one of the other posts and just ask u a bunch of questions and hopefully u will answer them without getting upset. U seem to have a lot going on so I dont know where any advice will be best given.

1 - do u have a problem being deaf and how long have u been deaf for
2 - have u seen a doc about ur depression or some kind of consellor
3 - r there other reasons y u dont get along with ur family or is it just a clash (we all have them at some time)
4 - and how old are u
5 - are u ttc and if so how long for

i would greatly appreciate u responding to some or all of these questions in the hope that myself and others on this board will be able to help u a little better.

From someone who cant wait to have a jellybean all of their own
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