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Red Moles

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Hi. I have two moles that I think are turning into problems. One is on my left side at the very top of my hip, and the other is on my stomach, between my ribs. The two aren't even really that close to each other, but two days ago, at the same time, I noticed that both of them were turning red. They both looked very irritated, and now the one on my hip is scabbed over, and the one on my stomach two little dots on them that look like scabs (I don't want to scratch at it to confirm they are scabs for fear that I'll irritate them even more).
My doctor is out of town, and I have never been to a dermatologist before. I have called about 20 dermatologists, and the earliest I can get in to any of them is 12 days from now. I am scared that that is waiting too long. It seems WAY too strange that both of these moles did the same thing at the same time....and I don't want to wait for 12 days to get them checked. Do you have any suggestions? Has this happened to anyone else that you know of? I feel completely alone and terrified right now, and the next 12 days are going to be hard.
I'd love to hear from someone.
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