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Knee Replacement Injury

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I fell on 12/30 and injured my right knee replacement. (A 70 lb dog started chasing a squirrel and I had the leash.) Subsequently went to the Dr. and he did a bone scan and apparently no visible injury.
Went on Vacation this past 3 weeks and as I was going down the stairs at a resort, I missed the last step as I was stepping down with my right leg so I fell to the right, cut my right arm and reinjured the right knee.
I fell on Feb. 12th, monday. My knee still hurts really bad. When I sit, I cannot stand the pants I have on pressing on the knee and cannot bend my knee going downstairs without super pain. I lean sideways while going down stairs...As we returned home I was carrying a bag inside and accidentally hit my knee and it was just like falling again, icebag time.

I hate to go back to my Dr. again with a new injury and do the MRI all over again...I have had the knee replacement for 10 yrs. Is there anything I could have damaged inside? ALso exactly what is there to hurt me so much? I had fluid at the back of my knee for a week or so, it seems to have eased up but I cannot touch certain spots on my knee at all without excruciating pain. Should I call my Dr. and go see him again?
Perhaps if I give it another couple of weeks, it might get better..if I do, how long should I wait?
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replied March 15th, 2007
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Oh, dear, Red Baron. My knees ache just to read your description.

I experienced a re-injury on my replacement knees 8 years after surgery. Ski accident. Confused Swollen, sensitive to touch, the whole lot. And then, random swelling occured about 10 years after the incident. In each case, my body was telling me to rest! I was working with a physical therapist at the time, and really benefited from the deep-heat machine/sonogram therapy. And ice 3-4 times a day.

Who knows why these things happen???

But, if you can...don't worry about your doctor's judgment....just go! They're there to help us!!!
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