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How Can I Go to a Doctor Without My Parents Knowing?

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Ok, I can't drive, I'm 17, I'm very sedentary (I don't get out of the house often) and I have controlling parents... I think I might have gotten Genital warts from birth and the more time passes, the more certain I am of it.

I've had Bumps since I was 13 and I think recently I saw a new one appear next to the others, I have 5 of them, all between 1 to 2 millimeters large, they don't scratch and they don't burst when I squeeze.

Now I want to go to get them checked out before they they end up destroying my penis from multiplying. The problem is, my family GP is a friend of my parents and I would feel VERY unconfortable to get him to check, I'd rather it be someone that I don't see on a regular basis!

The problem is that I cannot possibly go to the doctor without my parents not knowing, first, they have to drive me there and second, I don't live near a medical center so I can't walk either... Also, since I don't get out of the house a lot, my mum would suspect something if I suddenly decided to get out sometime...

I will have my driver's permit within the next 2 months, but the problem is that, as it seems to be heading, it looks like I'm going to be working from home Sad
So that means that I won't have much opportunity to go out to the doctor unnoticed.

Can someone tell me what I should do? What kind of doctor should I see? What should I say to the person at the counter? I don't really want to tell them "Hi, I think I've got genital warts, I would like to see a specialist"

Then, on top of all these difficulties, I have to pay the doctor, now the only way to get a partial refund is to have my healthcare card... The problem is that my healthcare card is like a "family card" meaning that my mother has it and if I want it, I'll have to ask her and she'll know there is a problem, and I don't want to lie to her, I'm rather just not say anything.

... Then on top of that, I have to deal with the discomfort of having someone look at my penis... And to me that's very discomforting since I am still a virgin.

What should I do?
... It looks like I'll have to wait a whole year before I can get it checked (I'm going to college), in the meantime I'm skrewed.

... Also, I've had them for 4 years now, why aren't they gone? I heard they're supposed to go away by themselves.
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replied March 13th, 2007
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Re: How Can I Go to a Doctor Without My Parents Knowing?
Whoa..! Breath!

Yes.. you can go to the doctors. Grab the insurance card- and start looking online for local clinics in your area. Explain your sitaution to the office. If you have to, get a taxi- go. You cannot self- diagnose yourself- you need meds and treatment- if it is that. You can always explain your actions later to the parents. Usually, any office visit- is private. They cannot give out the information.

Are you home-schooled? How often are you home?? If there's a will, there is a way- and your health is important. You should go- and worry about the parents later. If they care- and you tell them where you went afterwards, they should be concerned & worried about your health... not (_)_)-holes.

They cannot control your life forever--what about college? Are they going to room with you? I wouldn't wait that long, either. You dont' have to tel lthe person at the counter anything. You get a couple of forms to fill out- you have questions, you ask. They usually ask you on the phone what you are coming in to see the doctor for- that's when you tell them, so they are prepared to test you appropriately. They dont' want to waste your time, or theirs. You tell them on the phone your symptoms. Usually, you sign in- inform you are a new patient- and give them your insurance cards to copy. Dont' forget to get those. Usually, you won't get billed for a couple of weeks. Either way.. I'd tell your parents why you went- since they are paying for it.

Keep in mind- when the doctor is looking over your penis- that he is there because you called for his help, to get better. It's nothing to be embrassed about- he gets paid to look at d*cks- and other numberous body parts- it's his job! You want to get better, right?

It depends on what you have.. it could just simply be a allergic reaction to soap, or food- etc. Rash. You have to go get looked at. Period! It is also a parent's job to have a healthy child. I would go to the better parent- and explain. if you strongly feel you simply can't- then make the effort to go yourself. You can explain later. Wouldn't they feel $hitty if it was something- and could get worse if not treated? Then maybe the rents wouldn't be so cruel.

Good luck- here if you need me.

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replied March 24th, 2007
hey man, im 17 too and was diagnosed with hpv last year, quite the rough time for me and my girlfriend. My parents still dont know but I live in Canada so i dont pay or anything. If your living in the US there might be a free clinic or something im not sure. I talked to my principle and I was aloud to leave my classes for a week to go get treatment and such and I was written as being there to make sure my parents didnt find out. I recently went back and tell my parents I'm having headaches or something alot, some excuse. Tell them you have a rash from shaving or something but you want to make sure you dont have a skin infection or something. Just letting you know, that we all get stuff and not to be too hard on yourself. Good Luck
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