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Cannot Get a Good, Deep Breath

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There are frequent times when I cannot get that good and satisfying deep breath. Sometimes I try to make myself yawn to get it. I have been tested for asthma and I don't have it. This started about 9 years ago and I am sick of it! Does anyone know anything about this?
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replied July 19th, 2009
posture and breathing
I have beendealing withthis for a year. The only thing that helps me is t do yoga. It might sound far fetched, but the posture and breathing exercises will open up your lungs. It is most likely due to having a concave chest, from bad posture. Tai Chi and Yoga have specific expercises for relaxing the shoulders and upper back and opening the lungs/chest area. It is seriously the ONLY help I have had, for ot being able to get a full breath of air.
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