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Chest Pain For 8 Weeks With Heart Beating Hard Please Help!

I am a 25 y/o male. I have had pain in the center of chest for about 8 weeks, it seems to radiate in the center of my chest directly on the lower sternum, although within the last few weeks it seems to be in my outer pecks and into my ribs, my shoulders are hurting and my neck seems to give me a lot of trouble. I was dignosed with costochondritis about 5 weeks ago and after a round of predinzone, and a few rounds with ibprofen 800mg, nothing seems to bring relief. I have had 3 rounds of 12 lead EKG's, x-rays, and blood work, i assume to check enzyme. All the results were negative except for a anxious heart which i was assured was nothing and all the diagnoses were chest wall inflammation. I was sick with the noro virus and vomiting prior to all my problems starting. Along with some stress. The real concern that I have is my heart that seems to beat out of my chest, it will wake me when i sleep and i can hear it into my ears. It scares the hell out of me, then it will pass. I am afraid of any exercise or excitement due to pounding heart. The pressure in my chest that seems constant feels like an elephant sitting on my trunk. I am currently trying shark cartlage with no improvement. I was a very very healthy firefighter and athlete prior to this and I am praying for life back. Please anyone help.
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