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Pressure / Lump / Something In My Upper Left Inside Arm...

I've already been told I have high blood pressure and high chloesterol from a blood donation van. Shortly after, because diabetes runs in my family, I went to a doctor and had a series of tests done. I'm 32, and had the tests done about 8 months ago. I never got a response, and never had a reason to persue it.

Since then, something new has happened. Yesterday was the 3rd time I've felt (this is hard to explain) a pressure or lump inside my left upper arm. I actually try to massage it out, and poke at it or apply pressure (it almost feels like an internal zit, if that makes any sense). I doesn't go away for a while and is the beginning of other things, and part of me wonders if it's psychological, but it's such a strong physical feeling that eventually brings me to my knees...

All 3 times it's happened (several months apart from each other) I've eventually got dizzy and almost passed out. I can't think right, and during the time it lasts (about 24-48 hours) I really feel dazed, very lost and only focused on the things going wrong in my body. Parts of my body go numb: left arm tingles, feelings of cold fluid in my arm pit and behind my knees, my left side of my brain feels like it's got more weight to it, my lips tingle, and today for the first time the back of both of my upper thighs went numb. I can feel the blood in my neck throb stronger, and it actually feels warmer.

The first time it happened I saw a physiotherapist and she said it was probably because of the way I was sitting at a computer (which I only do for several hours a day). The second time was on a long driving trip, so I thought the "sitting computer position" theory was right. But this time (starting yesterday and still going on) was during a normal low stress working day. As soon as it starts my mind can't go anywhere else. I pretend to go through a day as if i'm tolerating nothing, but just keep trying to massage in my arm pit and run towards populated areas when it seems I'm starting to pass out.

The pressure / lump / zitty thing deep in my arm stays the whole time during this process, and I react to it because it feels like fluid travels in and out of it (I wanted to say it feels bugs or worms travelling through armpit hairs). The rest of it, such as the numbness and pins and needles come and go, but sometimes it hits strong and I get paranoid and make sure I've got my phone in my hand or go near coworkers or to my apartment door so if I start to pass out I can try to react (if that's even posible) to make myself apparent to...anyone.

So, that's that. I'm trying to schedule a visit to a local clinic to get looked at, and I feel kind of stupid about describing what's happeneing to me, and about the way I react, but it's really scaring me.

The worst thing is, I really feel far from reality...just in a hazy bubble. There's been multiple days where if I didn't email myself as a reminder about something I wouldn't even remember the day ever happened.

Any ideas what this might be?
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replied February 26th, 2007
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i suggest that you have your regular doctor check this out. If they can't find anything I suggest a chiropractor that practices "Pilates". I say this as my wife had all the same symptoms. She was initially diagnosed with MS until we went and saw a neurologist. After a battery of test the neurologist said it's not MS and she was unsure what was causing the symptoms of dizziness, numbness and tingling in both arms. We went to see a chiropractor who practices "pilates" and within 3 appointments she said the numbness and dizziness had gone. The chiropractor stated he see a lot of these symptoms in people who work desk jobs. Hope this helps
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