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Cholinergic Urticaria- Would Moving to Oregon(from Tx) Help?

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I have just spent the last 3 hrs reading over about 9 pages of posts on CU. I was diagnosed with CU this past friday by an allergist , but have had the symptoms since Early November here in TX. We just recently moved to TEXAS from OREGON where we had lived for 13 years (i NEVER experienced any form of CU during my 13 years in OREGON). Then, we moved here to TEXAS right at the start of the HOT SUMMER.. I sweated and sweated and worked alot outdoors as we moved in and got settled- NO CU symptoms at all.. Then, come early November, my symptoms hit me and of course all the physicians I saw were baffled until i recently saw this allergist that had me reproduce the heat stimulus with exercise and then examined my very small breakout,etc. I explained to him and that my husband and I were getting so frustrated with the itching/no sweating, and with the upcoming HOT TEXAS summer were worried if that was going to make things worse than they were now for me in this much cooler Winter of TExas? he said i should consider moving back to the cooler climate of OREGON, where I had previously lived symptom free.
Now, i DID exercise in Oregon for periods on and off and of course, i did sweat back then, but definitely not as much as when we got to Texas last summer and of course we had very dry winters 'indoors' too, but i never experieinced any CU symptoms like i do now when just doing even light housework or in passive times when im in a hot house,etc. (had plenty of those times in Oregon, but not CU symptoms). Here in Texas, i did startup a 3-4 times a week workout routine a little while after the CU symptoms started, and while the CU symptoms definitely came on strong for ALL of my 30 minutes of treadmill, they would sometimes subside when i then went to my low key weight routine and i noticed a little bit of sweat, but definitely not as much as i would've normally. (however, i would still continue to have episodes in other parts of the day if i mopped the floors,etc)

I have taken ALLEGRA-D for 2 + years every day because i have other severe environmental allergies, but now ive added 25mg of Doxepine in the evenings, per my allergist's trying to work on reducing itching ,etc. so far, it hasnt effected my CU much at all, but i also have NOT been working out as much over the last several weeks.

So, what my husband and I are trying to figure out (after reading all of your wonderful posts) is this: (based on my above experiences)

- Would STAYING HERE IN THE HOT TEXAS SUMMER coming up actually be alot worse for my CU , exacerate it (because of extreme heat and profust sweating?) AND would it be better for me to MOVE BACK TO OREGON where i didnt experience any of this AND it is generally cooler all year around,etc?

From reading everyone's comments, it seems that SOME are greatly effected by hot summers and some arent and i dont know which i would be.. some find relief from making themselves sweat over a period of time and some dont? i could stay here to find out, but housing/real estate markets require we move fast on a decision right now.


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replied April 2nd, 2008
Hi, I have lived in Oregon my whole life. I never had any cu problems until around the age of 23, I am now 30 and I still have it. Since being warm causes it I am sure Oregon would help a little but by no means get rid of it. I get it all the time, any time my body temperature raises.

cu sucks, I still haven't found anything that helps and doctors are useless they just want to give you antihistamines that never work and make you tired.

Hope you have better luck then I have had.
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