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Hey, I'm new to this forum and website, so please forgive me if this isn't where I'm supposed to be posting this. Anyway......

Starting about two years ago now, I've been consistantly, in a word, sick. It began, I admit, after a night of unprotected sex with a girl. I at first thought it was some sort of sexually transmitted disease, but, several weeks after the onset of initial symptoms, which included intense fatigue, sore throat and mild naseua (spelling?), I got a Correct Blood Count test which came back negative, and the immediacy of the onset of the symptoms themselves (the morning after the encounter) led me to believe it was just freak coincidence.

Since then I regularly fall ill, usually for 2 days to a week at a time, with, usually, about a week following that of decent health. My consistant / chronic symptoms are: mild sore throat, consistant headache concentrated near and over the eyes, inflamed lymphnodes, general soreness on the left side of my body, and, sometimes, naseua (though I rarely actually vomit, if that makes sense).

Every time I go to the doctor, which, frankly, I don't often do anymore because I've become frustrated, I'm either told, "oh, it's just [random viral infection x]", or, "quit smoking". I smoke about a pack of cigarettes a day.

And, something else I've noticed lately, at the onset of symptoms, my urine turns a very cloudy, pale yellow color.

I'm so confused, I don't even know where to begin to tell my physician to start looking--I mean, how do you say, "everywhere hurts"?

Any ideas as to how I should proceed?

I know this is extremely general, and probably not helpful in the least, but any guidance, advice, guesses, or questions would be so greatly appreciated, you can't even understand...

oh, and by the way, the initial consensus was that I was having severe allergic reactions, and I am currently taking 10mg of singulair a day, and also am using a nasal steroid spray, but after taking a pin-prick allergy test, I found that my body's allergy levels are, essentially, normal.
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