Hi, I have a few questions for anyone who has Aspergers:

- When did you find you had it?
- Do you constantly feel very self-conscious?
- Do you have hypersensitivity of your senses, particularly hearing, vision, and pain perception?
- Are you obsessive-compulsive, and often get nasty compulsive thoughts?
- Do you also have a severe anxiety disorder?
- Do you have lower back pain?

If someone who has been diagnosed with Aspergers could answer my questions - that would be muchly appreciated! I'm trying to figure out some things for myself and I can't do it without asking other people who have the same condition...
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First Helper kiyraelayne

replied February 17th, 2009
I have Aspergers
i was diagnosed when i was fourteen, I am now eighteen. I also have bi-polar disorder. So things like compulsive thoughts and anxiety, are very common for me. My senses are also very strong. I'm not a big fan of loud noises or bright lights. I do feel self-conscious but not all the time.
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replied March 3rd, 2011
- I used to alot but I have improved with age! The only thing that gets me down is I feel stupid.
-Not really The only thing that effects is more than one conversation at the same time drives me nuts and I go out the room in a ragging mood its like my brain just cant take it in.
-Yes I can be compulsive
-Nope my back is fine.

Hope that helps.
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replied January 15th, 2012
i have asperges too, was 14 when diagnosed with it although have had symptoms since i was younger. yes i feel self concious an awful lot especiay when communicating with people i end up not knowing what to say or how to start a convo with friends and fam i havent seen for a wile and people i dont know. when the sun is shining my eyes are very hypersensitive when on car journeys i cant help but blink n sumtimes shut them. i have an addictive nature i think i have a disorder called sad too. no pain in my back tho. im 19 now hope that helps anyone so you dont feel alone!
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