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Bladder Wall (neck) Obstruction In Women?????

Hi, i'm new here. Allow me to give a brief background. 33 year old female, been battling what I thought to be uti's for 10 years--had a doctor who kept me on self-dose macrobid for years. After moving on and seeing dr after dr, finally found one who actually gave me a diagnosis. Bladder wall obstruction - most people's bladder opens up like a funnel when they pee....Mine does not, therefore, I have difficulty peeing, uti like feelings, feeling of not completely empting bladder and it literally trickles out. Here's my question, are there any other women out there with this cause everytime I try to find something about it "incontinence" comes up, that's not my problem. Apparently, this is very rare in women. Can someone/anyone help me?????? :d
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replied February 26th, 2004
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yes its very very very rare in women.. This mostly happen in men all the time. I think you should get a new phsyican because I would think you would be successful of not wasting time in the bathroom trying to go. I think there are some doctor that could give you some kind of surgery? That can operate the bladder opening? If not then keep taking or try to take a newer brand strong medince? I hope I helped
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