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Allopurinol Prevents Obesity And Lowers Cholesterols.

Allopurinol (also called zyloprim, zyloric, progout,...) is a xanthine oxidoreductase inhibitor (xori) that has been used to reduce the production of uric acid and to prevent gout attacks.

Now, a report in 2/7/2007 issue of cell metabolism shows that xori such as allopurinol can block the fat formation and may reduce the levels of lipids (cholesterol, etc.) and oxidative stress in obese individuals.

Any insight from allopurinol users? Thanks.

For more info, see:
http://www.Cellmetabolism.Org/content/arti cle/abstract?Uid=piis155041310700006x
http://www.Sciencedaily.Com/releases/2007/ 02/070206132137.Htm
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replied July 5th, 2007
Allopurinol And Lipid Levels
My lipid's were ok before I went on allopurinol three years ago. I have not seen a change in them either way. Maybe the benifits come for those who have elevated cholesterol, etc.?

By the way, I asked quite a while ago about gout and gastric bypass. Bypass does trigger gout in those who have that tendency, but once the body adjusts to the initial weight loss the gout goes into remission in most cases. I have not had the surgery yet, but am waiting on insurance approval. I figure the temporary gout pain will be worth the other benifits to my quality and length of life. I will have my trusty soda ready!
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replied July 14th, 2007
Experienced User
Thanks for the reply.

I have some info about anesthesia and gout. I will post it in your earlier thread "Gout And Gastric Bypass". I am sure the bypass will benefit both your gout and the general health. Take care and good luck.
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replied October 14th, 2009
I take 100mg of allopurinol daily to reduce my uric acid levels for gout. In the past year my LDL[low density] cholesterol went down to 27, [70 is considered low but not dangerous], and my T-CHO to 110 [130 is low]. Whether this is a result of allopurinol or reducing my fatty foods intake, or both, is another question entirely.
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