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Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

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I have been suffering from chronic sinus problems/infections for the past 8 months. I didn't have insurane until just recently, so I haven't been able to get in to see a specialist or anything outside of a regular family practicioner.

I have an appointment with an allergist in less than 2 weeks to see if I might be allergic to something. I literally have not had a day go by without being so congested, having facial pain, ear pain, or sinus headaches. I've had bouts with acute benign labyrynthitis (vertigo) due to a severe middle ear infection, i've been put on so many antibiotics, I have lost count. They all clear up the infection, but the minute I go off them, it starts all over.

Now, after having suffered through my last upper respiratory infection/ear infection a couple of weeks ago, my left ear feels totally plugged and like I need it to "pop" open. I still have the bouts of dizzyness. I feel like i'm in a tunnel all the time because I can't hear out of my left ear!!! It's been this way for about a month. I went to my family doctor again this past thursday and she said my "ear looks beautiful." she thinks it's great that i'm going to see an allergist, but thinks I have eustachian tube dysfunction in my left ear where my tube is completely closed and isn't equilizing the pressure in my head. All can be contributed to possible allergiest, but definitely contributed to my recent infections/blowing my nose, etc.

Basically i'm just wondering if anyone's dealt with something like this? Have you discovered it's due to allergies? Anything that's helped relieve symptoms?

Have any of you tried homeopathic remedies? More natural medicines?

I'm at a loss for what to do and i'm going to go insane if I have to go another 12 days before I see an allergist!!!

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replied September 14th, 2009
Sinus Issues
Hi I have the same issue you do, I am going to push my doctor to see a ear specialist because I do have water in my ears as well. Sometimes I think it could be allergies as well, and my eyes itch, there is a lot of sinus pressure. When my eyes itch I take this natural remedy, go to a Vitamin/Naturalpathic store, they sell ORGANIC apple cider vinegar. It has a variety of uses, but I take 2 tbsps of it with a large cup of water, it immediately takes away my itchy eyes and throat feeling for a while, I've heard that if one keeps it up it can cure it, but I haven't taken it long enough. But I think I need to get tubes in to drain the fluid in my ears, because the infection isn't going away. Hope this helps!
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replied September 26th, 2009
Hello I have chronic eustachian tube dysfunction. I just had tubes put in my ears yesterday to try to relieve the pressure on my head. My ENT said I will have to deal with this problem for the rest of my life. As of today I feel like crud. The tubes haven't really helped the pain but the pressure has eased a little. My ears hurt more than before the surgery. My left ear feels completely blocked now. I would love to hear from anyone who has been through this before.
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replied October 10th, 2009
Got my ears unclogged yesterday
I went to the ENT yesterday, after 3 weeks of my ears being clogged. My primary care had put me on antibiotics and sudafed, even went to the large dose of steroids, which I just couldn't take, made me crazy. I'm not a depressed person as a rule, but I gotta tell ya, I was miserable. My doctor told me it was a sinus infection.
Well the ENT yesterday, did a procedure to unclog my ears, hurt a bit, but man, I can hear again. And now without all that pressure, I feel the sinus infection. The ENT put me on drops and antibiotics again. But I don't care, I can hear, and I feel alive again. The procedure took about 20 to 30 minutes. The hard part was getting in to see the ENT, they are busy, busy.
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replied July 26th, 2011
Hi and I am so happy to hear a success story. My story is not so successful! I have been suffering with ear problems for 10 months now. It all started late last summer with what I thought was a sinus infection or allergies. The ENT, who got paid over $300 for a five minute evaluation and diagnosis of Meniers Disease.

The only test he had me take was an MRI. No blood work or anything else. He told me that I had sudden hearing loss; but my hearing loss (both ears) was not sudden at all; it took weeks and I did not experience the vertigo or stomach upset.

I didn't know any better and believed him. i was prescribed a water pill to reduce sodium which made me very sick after taking it for four days. I lost 8 pounds in one week.

I agreed to receive 4 steriod injections into my left ear; end result: Deafness. My right ear has declined and I use a hearing aid.

I went to another ENT who just told me to talke zyrtec and flonase. Didn't work.

Another ENT just wanted me to come back when my right ear went deaf so he could give me a cochlear implant. He did order alot of blood work (all negative) and a Cat Scan (negative)

Another ENT told me to snort a saline solution up each nostril twice a day and use flonase. End result: two ear infections.

Not one ENT suggested getting allergy tested; which was my initial symptoms after doing my own research. Now here we are ten months later, deaf in the left ear, right ear hanging on for dear life, and I test positive for allergies (one positive result for cats, which we do have a cat, and various grasses and weeds)

Needless to say, I am pissed off at the medical society!!! My life is a living hell 24/7, loud tinnitus, clogged ears, and deafness. I was forced to retire and my goal to be a musician (following retirement, I play guitar and was a member of a band consisting of fellow Police Officers) is on hold.

I have decided to not see any more ENT's, or any docs for that matter. A Neuro doc that I saw just gave me scripts for valuum and zoloft (which I do not take).

Also, i ended up at the ER in Dec for dizziness and the ER Doc just sat there and said "what do you want me to do?". I just hope to God that this condition is not a life sentence for me. Every day I consider taking the easy way out, if you know what I mean.

I am sorry for venting my fustrations to a complete stranger. I was just glad to read that someone (you) had success. I pray every day that nobody has to experience this horrible stuff. I was healthy as an ox prior to all this.

Also, another trip to the ER resulted in the ER doc prescribing me an antibiotic (can't remember the name, just know that there is a class action suit against the company for side effects) for a sinus infection in which I did not have. He did X rays which revealed all sinus were clear.

Any how, I wish you continued success with your health!
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replied November 20th, 2009
itchy eyes and lack of equilibrium; sinus; eustation tube
I would love to hear from anyone with symptoms like mine: For 10 years I've had intermittant symptoms of lack of equilibrium (not a spinning sensation--more like when you're standing on a large ship), sore, itchy eyes, grogginess, a heavy-head feeling, diminished mental clarity and mental sharpness. Sometimes it feels like I've been drugged or maybe like the feeling you'd have if you were woken up suddenly in the middle of the night--you know, for a few moments you'd feel fuzzy-headed and maybe your balance would be off a bit--you might want to shake your head to wake yourself up. Anyway, I've had these symptoms for about 10 years, and no doctor had any idea what was wrong till I discovered a month ago that I have a polyp in one of my left-side sinuses. Now I'm wondering whether 10 years ago I had an undiagnosed sinus infection and/or infection of my left eustation tube. This might have caused the polyp in my sinus. I don't know whether any of this might also be related to my itchy eyes.

Please comment. Thanks.
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replied May 20th, 2011
hey guys I have had ear tubes for about 2 years now I had tubes when I was a toddler and my ears were fine, but after chronic weed/cigg smoking starting at 15 or so my ears began having problems again when i turned 19 since then I have been having clogged ears and discomfort/ fullness feelings whenever I am around smoke what so ever (which is weird because I used to smoked and nothing would bother me and now I cant even be around smoke for too long without my ears filling out) I was wondering if anyone has dealt with similiar symptoms?
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replied July 17th, 2011
ETD Relief Technique
I've had ETD for 11 ys (after wisdom tooth surgery). I had sinus issues for the past 9 wks and found some relief with this technique:

DO NOT use the spray the way most people automatically assume which is with the spray nozzle directed to the top of the head. This is incorrect and the spray will help your sinuses... but not your ears.

After spray use and hourly while awake, try to pop the ear by pinching the nose and blowing gently. This milks the spray into the Eustachian tube.
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replied March 29th, 2012
Ear/migraines/face pain
I have periodically clogged eustachian tube. I am currently doing a food allergy app diary on my iphone. I think i have wheat and lactose intolerance.syptoms definitely more controllable since going lactofree. Worth checking this and candida overload. I get migraines and sinus pain with neck ache. This may be canida overload. Happens same time i get hot itchy ear.
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replied April 3rd, 2012
If anyone is looking for an alternative approach to correct eustachian tube dysfunction, I am surprised that no one here has mentioned chiropractic care. Often times, there are mechanical causes/contributors to this problem. Have a look at this article: tube.html
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replied March 8th, 2013
Esutachian Tube Issues
Please note that Homeopathic medicines work very well with Eustachian tube issues. I had one myself and tried the following medicines:-

Pour 3-4 drops in half a cup of water, thrice daily.
Take nothing 30 minutes post or prior to the medication.

This medications removes infection in the entire upper respiratory system.Bringing membranes of the Eustachian tube back to their normal size and reducing their inflammation which causes its blockage, holding up fluid inside.

Three pallets thrice daily. Take nothing 30 minutes post or prior to the medication.

This medication helps in thinning the mucous to enable is easy flow out.

Avoid Dairy products as they increase mucous production.These work like magic, I have personal experience.

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replied November 15th, 2013
I have chronic eustachian tube dysfunction.I have suffered since a child but then had a very long period of being fine as soon as I turned 40 it all started again.
I have had grommets put in 6 times since 2008 and just over two weeks ago had t-tubes put in as my ENT said he was not happy to keep on putting grommets in and these should last a long time ..after a week one blocked up and he tried to unblock them but after another week he had to remove it and put another one in.I did ask if i could leave it out and he said no as fluid would cause permanent damage to eardrum by causing infections and pressure by lying there but not great to have a hole in your eardrum either so catch 22 situation.
Although the pressure isn't as bad as before they are not as comfortable as grommets and feel weird.
He is the most wonderful man and so helpful but no doctor can understand how one feels is just so hard to explain the opening and closing feeling in your ears and also often a horrible claustrophobic feeling sometimes at night when you have been sleeping and get woken with it.It never seems to feel totally normal.
Has anyone else experienced this??
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