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Hardened Puss Pores On Nose And Chin

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My nose and chin have pores exposing hardened puss. It seems as though the puss is trying to push its way out. I've tried many things for years. Biore pore strips, heavy exfoliating, stimulation, steaming pores and scrubbing, pore shrink treatments. I have virtually an acne-free complexion, but I have an embarrasing porcupine appearance condition. The hardened puss (clogged pore material) will come out easily if I use a tweezer, but I find myself infront of the mirror non-stop once I start such an obsessive habit of removing each one that way. Is there a beauty tip that i've overlooked my who life? I don't ever notice this condition on anyone else's nose and chin.
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replied February 16th, 2007
Sounds like the problems from within, go to google search : type in- diets for skin health. With love.
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replied March 3rd, 2009
my chin has the same thing
but the puss is not hard i dont think
it is slowly seeping out
im scared i really just want it to go away
ive had this before but im still skeptical
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