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Tonsils Swollen- No Pain

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Hi - i'm new here and hoping you might be able to help me.

Last friday I woke up with swollen tonsils and neck glands. My throat hurt a bit, but only on swallowing - and my neck glands hurt when I pressed them. I also felt tired and a bit irritable (!).

By sunday, my neck glands were no longer swollen or painful and the sore throat had gone. But the swollen tonsils were still there (albeit painless) - and they still are today. Also my ears feel 'blocked up'.

I have had strep throat in the past - and it was very very painful - nothing like this. I also had glandular fever (epstein barr) when I was 17 (i am now 33). So I really can't think what is going on here!

Also, as far as I can see, there is no white/ grey 'covering' on the tonsils, or while patches/ulcers on them. They just seem to be bigger than usual.

I have no other symptoms e.G. Cold/cough/nasal drip etc. However, there was a small amount of yellowish phlegm (sorry!!).

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks so much
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replied July 21st, 2009
I have mono (epstein barr) right now and all everyone is telling me is to rest up to avoid a relapse. Do you think it's at all likely that your illness from age 17 is acting up again? because your symptoms are veryyyy similar to mine a few days back. Whatever the case...good luck.
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