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Methadone And Other Opiates.

I am 31 years old. I was addicted for 2.5 years to 480-640 mls/day of oxycontin. I started a methadone treatment program 2 weeks ago. I understand that mixing methadone with alcohol, valium, or adivan will be very bad for you, possible/sure death/overdose. If I mixed oxycontin with methadone until my methadone reached a dose level where the withdrawl demons stayed at bay for 24 hours; would this be a deadly mixtue? Could opiates mixed with methadone make you overdose or die?
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replied February 25th, 2007
Oxycontin or methadone are very strong opiates, I would think based on historical information that can be found on the media (newspaper, TV news, radio or the Internet) that any of the 2 mentioned drugs have the potential to kill any human being. So I could make the assumption that mixing oxycontin and methadone can definitely make you overdose.

Good luck
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replied February 26th, 2007
Answer to Methadone
I've been on a methadone maintenance program for a few years. I've also researched it a pretty good bit. Here is the problem with tryin to mix oxys and methadone: Methadone is a synthetic opiate that tricks the receptors in your brain into thinking they are full of opiates. Because these receptors are full, your body doesnt metabolize oxycontin or other opiates like normal. It basically blocks the effects you get. So you take oxys and you dont feel them because of the methadone, and you take more and more and now you're at a very toxic level and dont understand why you're body is not feeling the effect, then your organs start shutting down from all the toxins. Everyone has a differnent overdose level with methadone in their system, and I've known so many people to take a fairly small dose of methadone and maybe another pill or two and they fall asleep and never wake up. Thats why you have to gradually build up your dose. Please be careful, powerful snake you're playing with and it will bite you when you least expect it!
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