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Problems a Few Years After Cataract Operation

I'm new to the ehealth forum and apologise if this issue has already been well dealt with.

I'm a 59 year old male. Around three years ago, I had a standard lens replacement to deal with a troublesome cataract. No problems with the operation and everything has been good since (the other eye is also cataract-afflicted, but has been far slower in its deterioration).

Just a few days ago, I noticed "floaters" in the repaired eye, but attached no significance to this. Then, when retiring to bed last night (with the lights off), I "saw" or sensed an orange/yellow crescent - almost like a new moon - to the bottom of the eye. On blinking, the crescent seemed to move to another portion of the eye. I'd had a few modest glasses of red wine - no other substances - and didn't think too much of it until this morning. When walking about, I had the same sense of a "crescent" around the same eye - but this time it appeared dark (and again accompanied by floaters). Lit up in darkness and dark in daylight! Odd.

I thought that the problem may have been grit, or the wind, and i've tried eye drops to no avail. But i've had the same experiences when going outside tonight - the floaters and the "new moon" crescents in the darkness, although the actual clarity of vision in the eye seems pretty much unchanged. The eye is a little watery, but there's no pain.

While I plan on going to a health professional if the problem persists after this weekend, i'm intrigued about what all this might mean. I do recall, when I had the cataract procedure, the doctor making some remark about complications - in a small percentage of cases - sometime down the track.

Any thoughts? Thank you.

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