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What Is It??????????????

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects the brain and the spinal cord. But what is MS? And what types of MS do doctors diagnose? Basic facts on multiple sclerosis here....
Doctors know little about what causes multiple sclerosis (MS), but do understand the anatomy of the condition. Read one to learn about what happens during MS....
Symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be present during other medical conditions. Learn to identify early symptoms of multiple sclerosis, plus when to seek help....
Ct scan showed abnormal white matter on brain, blood tests ok.
Mri conclusion 2 lesions 1 deamyelating and 1 suspected of demyilation process stated it was most likely ms also said something about. Dawsons fingers . Baur normal, found out carpel tunnel(mild) vision test one eye was slower than outher.
Original problem was vertigo severe and nasua and vomitting.
Currently taking meclizine and valum. Vertigo has since gone away but stiff and sore leg muscles,sometimes difficult to walk very exhausted and tired. Neuro said leg problems had to do with a nerve, tight clothes or overweight.(cheap shot) neuro not very personabal and does not explain in normal terms only in docters terms. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad Sad Sad
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replied February 9th, 2007
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What Is It
It sounds like ms. If you are not happy with this doctor, get another one. You need to be an advocate for your body. You are the only one who knows what and how you are feeling. Most neuros are not that sympathic. I know mine isn't. When I tell him something he says it because of age(i am 5Cool or that I am overweight. Stick to your guns. Good luck. Wink
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